🔘 Biography ➖ Amr A. Rahman ➖ Cairo / Egypt 🇪🇬


▪️Amr A. Rahman
▪️Cairo / Egypt 🇪🇬
My name is Amr A. Rahman Mohamed. I’m 47 years old – Egyptian. I live in Cairo , the capital city of Egypt.
I’m working as an IT Manager in an Auto Motive company.
I’m always looking for new challenges, yearning for learning more and more in the fields that I’m interested in which is photography. I always believe that learning and practicing lead to accuracy and perfection.

Describing myself in three words would be ( Learning , Patience and Perfection )
Learning , because it is the only way to keep up with latest technologies , techniques ..etc.
Patience and practicing , because we fail and succeed and so on and that needs us to be patient and to keep practicing what we have learnt.
Perfection , because I’m always seeking perfection and accuracy in my work as a final result of the previously mentioned steps.

I started Photography 17 years ago when I was on a trip to Luxor and Aswan, two cities located on south of Egypt. The trip was on a big boat for 4 days, sailing in the great River Nile. Our tour guide, who had          an old camera, was shooting photos of temples, tombs and huge statues. I asked him to hand me                     the camera, trying to take some shoots on my own. After few days, the guide showed me the photos and told me, “you have the talent, why don’t you use it?” The first camera, I bought, was Sony Semi Professional and since then I started to enhance and improve my skills and my gear.

As you can see, in most of my photos, I’m inspired by all types of architecture specially the old ones. When I see the details in the inscription and the design ,whether it is a temple, tomb, mosque, church or even modern architecture , that motivates and inspires me to bring up and show more of the beauty of        that place I shot. I try to let others enjoy seeing how perfect and accurate the ancient Egyptians were.

At the beginning, I was attracted to HDR and tone mapping that pop up the colors and make the photos completely different. After learning and digging deep in photography, I found out that it isn’t the right way. It’s better to stick to reality and after getting tips from my Photography friends and from watching many tutorial videos about luminosity masks , I completely changed my workflow and my processing to end up with more reality photos with best colors and sharpness.

My series of photos started by doing planned, scheduled trips and visits to specific places with 1 or 2 friends maximum. I exchanged knowledge and experiences with them while shooting the ancient places in Cairo and all over Egypt, which my country is rich with.

My gear : 5DM3
Lenses : Tamaron 24-70mm F2.8    Canon 16-35mm F2.8     Sigma 70-200mm F2.8    Canon 100mm F2.8
Sigma Fisheye 8mm F4    Canon 50mm F1.4

From my humble experience, I advise all newbie photographers to be patient, keep learning, keep practicing, exchange knowledge with others till you reach your goal and finally, always and never be afraid to ask .After all these years, I reached a result that suits my heart and mind, which is Photography is                    a source of joy to me and to others.



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🔘 Biography ➖ Rqserra Henrique ➖ Santa Catarina / Brazil 🇧🇷


🔶 Rqserra Henrique ➖ Santa Catarina ➖ Brazil 🇧🇷


Full name: Henrique Luiz Machado Serra
Name “Artistic”: Rqserra
Date of birth: 07 – 09 – 1967
Place of birth: Rio de Janeiro – RJ
Currently residing in Balneário Camboriú – SC.
Plastic Artist and Photographer – Graduated in Fine Arts (Licenciatura) at the Faculty of Arts of Paraná (FAP) in 2002.
He held 11 solo exhibitions in some states of Brazil and participated in more than 50 Art Exhibitions or Collective Exhibitions, one in Canada and one in the United States.




Sunset in B Camboriu Beach





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