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◼️◾️▪️Arcangelo Manoni ➖ Camaiore / Italy 🇮🇹 ▪️◾️◼️
From avid naturalist proposes suffered the great theme of nature. Specializing in macro prefers the interpretation to pure scientific documentation. His images have the characteristic of a very soft coloring and climbed. The search continues in the wake of the great English naturalist photographers like Stephen Dalton, leads him to the realization of a special equipment infrared rays to take pictures of insects in flight, snapping many spectacular images. He has also produced audiovisual cross-fading projecting his slides in many Italian cities.
He collaborated with the photo agencies:

Jacana Paris

Okapia Frankfurt

Superstock U.S.A.

Overseas Milan

There have been numerous reproductions of his photographs for magazine covers and encyclopedias worldwide.
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