🔘 Biography ➖ Anna Lazzaro ➖ Mons / Belgian 🇧🇪


🔶 Anna Lazzaro ➖ Mons /Belgian 🇧🇪


My name is Anna Lazzaro,
I was born in Italia and I’ve lived there my whole childhood but I had to follow my parents when they left for Belgium, I’ve lived there ever since, it has been forty-five years, now.
I’ve always been curious by nature and intrigued by the arts,
I fulfilled my desires of creation by crafting stylish sceneries for family gatherings.
I picked up photography as a hobby more or less ten years ago and I quickly got into computer based photography,
as an autodidact, I’ve learnt all I know by myself.
I’ve got the occasion to put my dreams, ideas and visions on paper, having now the ability to create as I please.
Compositions, illustrations, children books, working on my pictures to make people dream.
I’ve won some online competitions, I’ve had the chance to exhibit my art a couple of times,
When I go for a walk, my digital camera always follows, I always come back home with a full memory card, I feel like the richest woman In the world.
In my opinion, Art is about what I tell and what you hear.




Soul Photographers Best Album ➖ Cover Day ➖ Anna Lazzari / Belgian 🇧🇪 ➖07/02/2017

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