🔘 Biography ➖ Kaouane Hichem ➖ Bizerte / Tunisia 🇹🇳


▫️ Kaouane Hichem
▫️ Bizerte / Tunisia 🇹🇳
Kaouane Hichem
age : 35
study : Master of multimedia
country : Tunisia
Town : Bizerte
Photographer since 2009
Photography style: nature, city, portrait
Job : infographist, Graphist, photographer.

I have 2 cameras Nikon D7200 and nikon D5300 and lenses : 18-140 / 50mm 1.8.


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Soul Photographers Best Album ➖ 07/05/2017

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🔘 Best Album ➖ 07/05/2017



  • Elnasri Mahgoub Elnasri
  • Kaouane Hichem
  • Maria Ivone Silva
  • Mohammed Merrida
  • Rqserra Henrique
  • Tore Canu

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🔳 A bit of me

🔳 A bit of me!

➖Owner / Founder and administrator of the magazine.

Kátia Alves Brazilian born in 1967, I started with photography at 06 years old … buying my Nikon, I started to photograph, but I saw that it was not only to photograph in the automatic that I wanted, with this I took a photography course and started to explore more the machine in the manual.
I like my photos as natural as possible, with minimal editing.
I read and study photography today, to know photography techniques., I have a Go Pro machine that makes some images in the water, I love it!
I have participated in some photo contests and I have some featured images.
I really love what I do that I decided to participate in some photography groups, so I decided to create a group (Group Soul Photographers – GSP).
I am very proud of my group, that every day I strive to create new challenges.
At this time I also created the group of best photographs and now the SITE / MAGAZINE sponsored – in order to show great photographers around the world.
What gives me immense pleasure are the friendships I make each day.

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