🔘 Biography ➖ Manoel Raimundo da Fonseca ➖ Amapá / Brazil 🇧🇷


▪️ Manoel Raimundo da

▪️Amapá / Brasil 🇧🇷


MR Fonseca, Amapaense, graduated in Geology and Bachelor of Arts, is a translator in English. He started photography in the second half of the 1980s, when he acquired an Olympus Pen camera, when one did not even hear about digital cameras. It was the way to the Light.

I currently use Nikon D7100 e Nikon D810 and lens 24-70MM 2.8; 14-24mm 2.8; 70-200mm 2.8; 80-400 mm 4.5-5.6.

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🔘 Best Album ➖ 04/05/2017

  • Dominique Agius
  • Hery Djoni
  • Israel Sade
  • Mac Ro
  • Roberto Cabral
  • Sachintha Wijenayake
  • Tore Canu

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🔘 Cover Day ➖ Joanna Kiszkurno ➖ Sydney / Australia 🇦🇺

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📌 Photography workshop NIKON SCHOOL 🔳Landscaping workshop🔳 🔸 Alberto GhizziPanizza 🔸 Italy 🇮🇹



🔳Landscaping workshop

🔸 Alberto GhizziPanizza 🔸
🗓 Day 06 May 2017

▫️Locality: Le Coste Del

▫️Organized by Editing Studio

✉️ info@editingstudio.it
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📽 Microscopic Photos ▪️ Adnan Demir ▪️ Turkey 🇹🇷

🔳◾️Microscopic Photos◾️🔳

▪️Adnan Demir
▪️ Turkey 🇹🇷
I am a Turk and living in Samsun Turkey.
I used Canon 70D and 7D MK II as body. My lenses are Canon MP – E 65mm f2.8, Lomo 3,7x microscope objective, Mitutoyo M Plan 5x microscope objective and Schneider Kreuznach Componon-s 50mm f2.8 Enlarging Lens.

I’m in the picture about 7 years!
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