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🔶 Jacek Niezgoda ➖ Poland 🇵🇱


“I come from Poland and I am a teacher by profession. Photography has been my hobby, or even more, a passion, since my childhood. I started my interests with photography in early seventieth of the 20th century. My first camera was bought for me by my parents, it was a camera for films 6×6. My next analog cameras were for films 24×36, they were Zenit, Prakitica and than Ricoh. I used to spend a lot of time in my darkroom developing negatives and photos what gave me a lot of joyIn the 80s I passeds an exam for professional photographers in Cracow and apart of beeing a teacher I started my career as a wedding photographer, but after a few years I gave up weddings and turned to more ambitious photography, and I tried to experiment a bit, but when my children were born I had to make a break with photography due to the lack of time and I worked only at school. When the children grew up I returned to my hobby and started working with digital cameras. At first I had a compact Lumix, but my first mirror cameras were Pentaxes K200d, K5II and K3, but finally I decided to get a full frame and my choise was Nikon D610 and as addidtional D7200. My favourite themes of photos are people, animals and landscapes. At times I ofcourse take photos of some other things. Anyway I must admit that all kinds of photography give me a lot of satisfaction.”




Soul Photographers Best Album ➖ 11/02/2017

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