🎞 Documentary ◾️▪️Urbex Photography ▪️◾️ ➖ Giovanni Roncan / Italy 🇮🇹

🎞 Documentary

◾️▪️Urbex photography ➖ showing ruins and decaying places.▪️◾️

➖ Giovanni Roncan
➖ Verona / Italy 🇮🇹

I love photography in general. For 2 years I have been fascinated by the kind “Urbex”. My photos are taken with a Nikon D300s and the target a Sigma 24/70 f2.8
The project of the asylum in Italy was born in 1906, when the Provincial Council decided to open a Psychiatric Hospital with a budget of one million lire, in order to gather the madmen scattered in 41 hospitals across Italy. In 1903, the expenditure related to the number of these inmates represented about 10% of the entire provincial budget.
The total area of ​​the area chosen, including buildings (including 9 pavilions) avenues, courtyards, gardens and colonies, is equivalent to 20 hectares, two hundred thousand square meters. After various vicissitudes and suspensions, and the use of the area during World War I by the Military Administration, the official ayatomium of the asylum occurs on March 20, 1930. Built for 400 people the asylum will be used for an average Of seven hundred.
From 1930 to 1980, when new patients were no longer welcome, the new Psychiatric Hospital assumed the function of “hospitalization and care” of psychic patients throughout the Province, “welcoming” thousands of patients in the A specific task of “total institution”, which he was deputed under the psychiatric law then in force. Function of “hospitalization and care” practiced with coercive and violent methods such as electrocution and insulin therapy. The “psychiatric residue” since 1980 has been definitively closed in December 1997. Since then, the lay-down has been apart from the proposal for recovery for the International Cancer Center project, formalized on 3 December 2002, but subsequently abandoned because The Region chose another province for this purpose. At present, the vast structure is completely abandoned aside from three pretty preserved pavilions that are used by Asl 18 as deposits and archives.


▫️Material provided and authorized for publication by Giovanni Roncan


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