🔘 Biography ➖ Yoce Mocodompis ➖ Indonesia 🇮🇩


🔶 Yoce Mocodompis ➖Indonésia 🇮🇩


I am a graduate architect and electricity, according to my current job. photographing is as my hobby. I started photographing approximately 2 years ago and I loved the pictures of the macro. For the sequel I understood better how to capture flying insects. This is a challenge and cool. For photographing objects flying insects we have to learn the character of motion of an object, then we can determine the moment that we can take. It just tips ,, all insects before settling or will start flying there must be a sign ,, sign that we need to learn and when to press the shutter. I think quite a bit of my story about my biography and photograph at a glance how flying insects which is a new genre of photographing.





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🔘 Cover Day ➖ Claudio Ciardi ➖ Grugliasco / Italy 🇮🇹

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🎞 Work in Macro photography ➖ Sulakkhana Chamara ➖ Sri Lanka 🇱🇰



I am writing this article to explain how I capture my macro photographs. There are few things to consider before you taking a macro Photograph. First thing is, the knowledge about the environment where we get photographs. Before start capturing it’s very important to have an idea about the present light condition of the area. And then consider how supportive the existing environment for taking a photograph? Also check whether there is dangerous or adverse environmental conditions present there? If all of these studied are done we can easily take our photograph. Before moving to next step enjoy some of my macro photographs.
And then there are some environmental conditions where small animals/tiny creatures usually active and not active. The temperature affects the animals’ behavior. If we aware of these things, they help you to get the best Photograph. Even all this has done there is a fact to remember. That is, we take photographs on their habitat and we have to be careful not to destroy their habitat.

Now I’ll tell you some of the equipment I used to take photographs. My camera is Nikon D90. In addition, Nikkor 18- 105mm Kit Lens with 50mm 1.8G lens and also using an Extension Tube set with those. Extension Tube Set is consists of three parts 36mm, 20mm, 12mm. Now I have the Nikkor Micro 105mm 2.8 Lens also. In addition to the equipment I use drilling Ring Coupling. I
can fix it together, my Nikkor 105mm 2.8 Lens and 50mm 1.8G Lens is reverse way. In macro photography light is an essential thing. For that purpose I use artificial light with Tripo TR950 Speed light. And now I have another Speed Light, VOKING V750 but still couldn’t use it properly. Light Diffuser is homemade using cardboard and using a small Soft diffuser. Exercises will always help me to tell me what device is need to use in particular subjects.

Now comes the best part of it. We are getting too closer to the subject when we are using an extension tubes. But it is hard work to go with living subjects. However, if we have patient and ability to wait then our Photograph is with us. All we need is to press the shutter. Every person can Scott to the subject without interrupted to the environment that they live. But for that, all we need is patience.
I’ll give some examples of cases. In a time when we shoot insect on the end of branch, then just wind came and shaking that branch, the opportunity to take photograph will be slipping out of our hand. May be accidentally shake the branch when we fight with our tripod. So most of the time I used handheld techniques to avoid that kink of situations. But the biggest obstacle to the hand holding newbies is we can stay only few minutes in same posture. Sometimes because of the space and height difference between objective and us, we have hard times with uncomfortable postures while capturing. When I was shooting “Peep from leaf hole” Photograph which I posted here, I was crouched for minutes under a leaf of small tree size of four feet tree, tighten my camera to my body. Until where I need spider to come and then take the shot and quickly standup. When all completed both legs are covered by mosquitoes. Because of that I got to be patient until the end, but motionless I got this Photograph. Even in this cases are overwhelming, here I will post few ways of how I take shots recorded on my friends’ cameras.

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🔘 Biography ➖ Miliind Shah ➖ Baramati / India 🇮🇳


🔶 Miliind Shah ➖ Baramati / India 🇮🇳



I am Mr.Milind Kantilal Shah from city Baramati in state Maharashtra, India.
I am a businessman and enjoy my profession.
I have a sweet small and supportive happy family.
Photography was my hobby from 1991 first camera was Pansonic Hot-Shot and now its my passion, as I am very passionate about it.









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