🔘 Biography ➖ Gaspare Morea ➖ Garaguso / Italy 🇮🇹


🔶Gaspare Morea ➖Garaguso / Italy 🇮🇹


Gaspare Morea born on November 7, 1980, in a small village in Basilicata. Garaguso – a little jewel of the southern Italy able to tell stories and move you- is the place where he lives and works as a photographer for over 10 years.
In 2005, after graduation, Gaspare’s interest in photography began in Rome thanks to some photography training courses. In those years he discovered the desire to capture in a shot the surroundings by impressing the emotions. Already in 2004 he began to practice the art of photography so much that his college room turned into a small “photo shoot” and the camera was the best playmate having fun to capture the faces and expressions of his friends.
The dedication and the awareness of the enormous expressive potential of photographic art, drove him to develop more and more his knowledge by attending refresh courses held by european and international professionals.
Between the years 2011-2013 his education has grown exponentially, thanks to the participation in the “Academy photo” of Bologna, Rome, Florence and Pesaro.
The passion, combined with many years of training and extensive experience, are the basis of his desire to transfer to others its photographic art knowledge. And that is why he organizes training courses and masters for young people throughout the Italy, as well as numerous workshops where you can discover his photographic techniques.
He takes care of to seize the moment in the events and to capture the essence of the looks by impressing people’s emotions in the most important moments of their lives. In this way he loves spontaneity and insight to allow the soul to drift up into view.



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