🔘 Biography ➖Natasa Skoric ➖Sremska Kamenica / Serbia 🇷🇸


🔶 Nataša Škorić. ➖ Sremska Kamenica / Serbia 🇷🇸


I was born in France in 1975. My father is serbian and my mother is french. I live in Serbia since 2012, this was my dream since I was a teenager.
My passion for photography began when I was a little girl, my father was also photographer and drawer, and I was fascinated by his cameras and artworks.
I seriously began with photography when I was 18, on 1993. I bought a camera reflex, then it still was with films, so I’m from this “old” generation.
I wanted to enroll in an arts and photography school, but it was too expensive for me, so I enrolled in English faculty instead, and I learned photography as an autodidact.
Photography is a big part of my life, I can say that from this time I always had a camera in hands.
At the begining, I mainly took pictures of architecture, sometimes of nature, but modern architecture then inspired me the most.
Lately I began to go for some walks in nature, forests, etc, and I realized that nature is the richest source of my inspiration. I love nature since always, but without my passion for photography, I don’t know if I would see all its wonder and magic.
I like painting and drawing as well and I made a lot of painting, but photography is my real passion. I just can’t live without it!
For a while I had worked on my own as professional, I worked mainly on marriages, but also family portraits, I made photographies for ads and marketing, also for some public institutions.
It was interesting and I won enough to live from this activity, but private clients was very hard to manage, and I felt that my passion was “spoiled” by some of those private clients, little by little I realised that I wasn’t making anymore artistic photography for my pleasure. During all this time, I never took my camera just to make something for me.
So I stopped this activity, and for a while I wasn’t even inspired to photography. A lot of my friends often asked me what happened to me to not photography anymore, and I just answered “people disgusted me with the photography”. It was a sad ascertainment…
When I came to live in Serbia, I changed totally my life and little by little, living in this new wonderful environment with Danube and mountains around me, my inspiration came again and from then my camera doesn’t leave me anymore.
When I look back on my whole life, I just see photography, it’s a part of me, of my soul. And I can’t breath if I haven’t the opportunity to take pictures for some days. So I’m always in research of source of inspiration.
And I hope I will always have such opportunities…




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