🔘 Biography ➖ Ahmed Salem Ragab ➖ Egypt 🇪🇬


🔶 Ahmed Salem Ragab ➖ Egypt 🇪🇬


My name is Ahmed Salem Ragab. I was born in1974 in Egypt .I studied in art education college.I began photography in 2000.In2010 I specialized in following birds and its migration and all about the mother nature but I focus on birds. I joined a special voluntary environmental group in Kuwait called (Kuwait environmental lens )in 2015 . I participated many environmental art galleries and effectiveness as (birds count day) and (earth day). I go daily to take photos of birds all over Kuwait.




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🔘 Best Album ➖25/04/2017

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  • Serge-bernard Reat
  • Tore Canu


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🔘 Cover Day ➖ Gé Clavet ➖ Town Lille / France 🇫🇷

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📽 MAKING OF ◼️▪️ Moving bodies ▫️ Dominique Agius ▫️ Nice / France 🇫🇷


◼️◾️▪️Moving bodies▪️◾️◼️

▪️Photographer Dominique Agius
▪️Nice / France 🇫🇷

▪️Les corps en mouvement


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