🔘 Biography                             ➖ Joanna Kiszkurno ➖Sydney/ Australia 🇦🇺

🔶 Joanna Kiszkurno ➖ Sydney/ Australia 🇦🇺

I am currently a resident of Sydney, Australia. My childhood – a very happy one – was spent in Europe. I completed my studies in Poland, at the University of Warsaw.

As a child, I was always interested in art and painting. Later, my hobby evolved into photography. I consider myself a writer and photographer, or maybe a photographer and writer… No matter.

The love that enveloped me throughout my youth is reflected in my literary output. I pour my heart into all of my creative endeavors. My motto is to observe the world through the lens of emotions.

Photography is a part of my daily life. I am interested in all of its forms. Lately, I am particularly drawn to the realm of flora. The most difficult assignment for me is to select six of my best photographs. I am incapable of doing so. Each image is a photographer’s creation, like a child, between which one cannot discern a better or lesser entity.



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🔘 Best Album ➖ 24/4/2017

  • Alessandro Braconi
  • Claudio Ciardi
  • Davit Khutsishvili
  • Elnasri Mahgoub Elnasri
  • Eseker RI
  • Frank Kok
  • Frédéric Badert
  • Henry Mariusz
  • Serge-Bernard Reat
  • Tore Canu *

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🔘 Cover Day ➖ Ryszard Lomnicki ➖ Galway / Poland 🇵🇱

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📌 Fine Artphotography ◾️▪️Artists of the 🌏 ➖ part 3

📌 Fine Artphotography
◾️▪️Artists of the 🌏▪️◾️

(Part 3)


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