🔘 Biography ➖Yassin El Saidy ➖ Cairo / Egypt 🇪🇬


🔶 Yassin El Saidy➖ Cairo / Egypt 🇪🇬


My name is Yassin El Saidy. I’m a 40- year-old Syrian, born and raised in Egypt. I graduated with a B.A degree in Political Science from the American University in Cairo.

Photography is my passion, my craft, and certainly will be the thing that will drive me insane someday. How each photo I shoot makes me feel is the best way I like to describe my approach to the job.

I am a person who was always interested in abstract ideas, concepts, minute life details and everyday life activities but my fascination with photography only started a decade ago when I was given a gift in the form of a camera. Back then, I had no skills and no idea how I can develop them, but ever since that day, every photo I wrestled with made me feel good and gave me a little push to squeeze more out of the next one.

I attended online courses, exhibitions and followed professional photographers to learn and admittedly it took a long time. But I honestly I feel that it just started to pay off and I’ve finally found my passion in making still life photos to life. If that’s all you know about me, I guess it should be enough to say you know me well.




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