🔘Best Album ➖ 18/04/2017

  • Alberto Daniel Gangi

  • Mac Ro
  • Michele Castellan
  • Natalia Arantseva
  • Ruud Lauritsen
  • Tapas Mukherjee

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🔘 Cover Day ➖ Pierpaolo Freschi ➖ Italy 🇮🇹

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🔘 Biography ➖ Egidio Amelio ➖ Palermo / Italy 🇮🇹


🔶 Egidio Amelio ➖ Palermo / Italy 🇮🇹


Class ’74, born and raised in Naples, has always loved photography. Started taking pictures at the end of 80s and grew up on bread and films. “Converted” mandatory and somewhat reluctantly to the Digital I try to appreciate the advantages. Quite hostile to heavy post production or processing, but still I think as an almost essential process after shooting, with the advent of digital. I like to describe a picture and the subsequent post production as a woman, which though beautiful, it needs only a trace of makeup and not “plastic surgery”, making it seem unnatural and sometimes even clumsy.

favorite photographers Elliott Erwitt, Henri Cartier Bresson, Robert Capa.




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