🔴Contest winner: FLOWERS ➖Darshan Manomohanan ➖ Alwaye / India 🇮🇳

IMG_2112📍Contest winner: Flowers

Group Soul Photographers


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🔘 Best Album➖ 14/04/2017

  • Arcangelo Manoni *

  • Anna Lazzaro
  • Dominique Agius
  • Fadel R  Alshobaki
  • Javier Urrutia Fenoy
  • Tore Canu

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🔘 Cover Day ➖ Serge-bernard Reat ➖ Lion / France 🇫🇷

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🔘 Biography ➖Stefano Bertocci ➖Livorno / Italy 🇮🇹


🔶 Stefano Bertocci ➖ Livorno / Italy 🇮🇹


I call Stefano BERTOCCI I was born in Livorno on 12/01/1980, since I was a child I have always been fond of the new technology from the photograph to the computer, the first step to photography I do in 1990 when my father gift me a Polaroid and then finish 98 years I bought a small compact camera roll, this was just a beginning as child’s play, comes years of the first intercontinental travel was in 2008 I decided to buy a digital kodak then in Peru unfortunately I lost important pictures then I go back to Italy very sad for this loss.
December 2009 I decided to go on vacation in thailand then I buy Nikon Coolpix compact digital until 2012 gives me a lot of photos in the various trips including Thailand and Italy, January 25, 2012 my compact Nikon leaves me nitely then passes a few months and in March 2012 decided to buy me my first SLR, no doubt I decide nikon d5100 and there begins my journey.
2012: I start to photograph every person I passed around not really knowing what I was photographing, I decide to do a photography course to learn the basics and night-day study photography and above all development programs lightroom, day by day, and then I see that I improve until June 2013 exchange SLR passing immediately fullframe nikon d800 and Tarmo goals, sigma.
2014: my main development occurs on lightroom I see that the results are not like them after the first two years with difficulty and learned the basics can he identify the type of photography you want to do landscapes, portraits, black and white, street, until April 2016 I would then still remember the beginning of 2016 I call it the year 0 began again from scratch study me all the photography concepts and following various tutorials and knowing great people can improve by changing development program going from B room in photoshop latter already knew not to use thorough form, from 2012 today I had a good many times negative experience helped me learn some concerts and especially the desire to learn and always been there, I have published in various journals some of my photos and this was a very nice result, today I feel a fairly comprehensive photographer and thank all friends and acquaintances who have had confidence in myself, the next targets photographically will be to organize an exhibition on my last trip to Indonesia, many thanks to all.




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