🔘Best Album ➖ 10/04/2017

  • Chamara Ranathunga

  • Claudius Cazan
  • Egidio Amelio
  • Gi Na
  • Joao Lopes
  • Khaushal Shah
  • Kurt Kube
  • Mac Ro


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🔘 Cover Day ➖Egidio Amelio ➖Palermo / Italy 🇮🇹

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🔳 Event: Gabriel Olude PhotoArtist 📌Online sales ▫️Lagos/ Nigéria 🇳🇬



🔘 Biography ➖ Davit Khutsishvilli ➖ Tbilisi / Georgia 🇬🇪


🔶 Davit Khutsishvili

➖ Tbilisi / Geórgia 🇬🇪

Davit Khutsishvili is a photographer based in Paris.
He enjoys to shoot everything started from the nature shots to fashion and portraiture.
But his photography is mainly focused on Architecture and Cityscape.






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Soul Photographers Best Album ➖ 06/04/2017

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