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  • Abdel IIah Echaikhi

  • Antonio Girlando *
  • Davit Khutsishvilli
  • Egidio Amelio
  • Elnasri Mahgoub Elnasri
  • Eseker RI
  • Javier Urrutia Fenoy

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🔘 Cover Day ➖Lumma Pastori ➖São Paulo / 🇧🇷

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🔘 Biography ➖ Elnasri Mahgoub Elnasri ➖ Sligo / Ireland 🇮🇪

➖Photographer ➖

🔶ELnasri Mahgoub Elnasri

➖Sligo / Ireland 🇮🇪


I am a urological Surgeon who loves photography, born in Sudan 1975, graduated from Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum 2000. I live in Sligo town, Ireland since 2013
Administrator at Photography lovers group on Facebook of more 45,000 members and member of more than 30 photography groups around the world.
Photography is my hobby since childhood, taking photographs of family, friends and nature and keeping it as simple as I could (just photographs), no matter how they look, using the old film cameras (Yashica, Kodak and Olympus) then the more recent Digital Cameras and DSLRs.
One year ago, I took my photography to a more serious level by self-learning about different themes, editing software and professional photography using a professional DSLR.
Never been to a photography college, class or course, YouTube, photography groups in social media and photography blogs were and are my sources to continue learning.
Never participated in Photography contests other than those in photography groups I am part of.
To me, Photography is the Freedom.


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