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I was born in December 1988 in Medirigiriya, Sri Lanka as the second child of my parents. My father works as a Biology/ Chemistry teacher for Advanced Level Students and my mother is a housewife. I have two brothers. One is elder than me and he works as a Senior Engineer at Pearson Lanka. The other one is younger than me and he works as a Sales Executive (Higher Purchase division) at DAMRO. My childhood was awesome because I got a chance to learn many things. And I must say that I was good with that.

As a kid I was observing and learning many things such as machines, animals, weather, nature, etc. One day my father brought home a live snake that we called “Depath Naya” (Ceylonese cylinder snake, Cylindrophis maculatus) and he asked me to hold it. I shocked for a moment, but I was a brave kid. So I kept it on my palm and showed it to neighbors. I was a little guy, so I felt heroic when I keep a living snake on palm. After that day my fears disappeared forever. Since then I do not kill Animals unless there is an unavoidable imminent threat to human life.

When I was in grade 6 at school, I had an opportunity to join my father and his class for the annual field trip of science students that was organized by him. It was a great tour by which I turned to a person who loves and explores the environment. I tried to memorize all the things that my father taught the Advanced level students on that trip. He talked about lycans which measure the acid rains, some trees called “Athhonda” that are the biggest ferns in Sri Lanka and about many other interesting facts. When years pass I traveled again and again exploring various locations, ecosystems and I grew up with those knowledge.

In 2004 I sat Ordinary Level Examination and after that I had to stay at home until Advanced Level commenced. I was so confident that I would pass and qualify for Advanced Level in Biology stream. I wanted to choose Biology stream because I loved nature a lot.

In that time I was good at crafting things. I have created wesak lanterns and I need to make it smaller. Then I tried again and again. Finally I was ended up with a design of half millimeter Wesak lantern. But I couldn’t present it to anywhere, because I do not have any idea to presenting it to people. In 2007 I sat for Advanced level examination and unfortunately I was failed in chemistry. As I understood the problem I have is I can’t memorize the things. Then I changed my scheme and shifted to mathematics scheme. In 2009 I sat again for Advanced level in Mathematics scheme and I passed the examination with good results. In 2008 to 2010 I worked as a part time computer teacher in KSF collage, Moragoda. In the meantime from 2008 to 2011 I worked as a computer hardware technician at tulip computers, Ambalangoda. Therefore I was able to improve my knowledge and gather many experiences before starting my undergraduate life. Then I attended to the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka. Finally in 2014 I was graduated with Bachelor in Science in Physical Sciences.

During my university life I was fortunate to start some societies, not in the university but in the Ampara area. One is called “Galoya Stage” created for non-profit forum for arts, literature and handicrafts and I was a cofounder of that society. Unfortunately when I was ended up with university time it was drained. Other one is Astronomical Association called “Sky Lovers” and we used to do some Night camps for the school children. I am the Co-founder of that Society also and I played the role of secretary, Program creator, planner and coordinator of programs also. Still we are doing programs for school children and also for the public to improve the astronomical knowledge of people.

So I have loved the nature and wildlife and had a passion to explore the from the time as far as I remember. And with that my passion for photography was started.

When I was in grade 9 or so. I wanted to capture the things I see. But I did not own a camera. After some years I brought a film camera. It’s Kodak KB10. I took some photographs with it. But unfortunately it wasn’t easy like today and required some amount of money which was difficult to bare at that time to take films and to make output.

In year 2008 I brought a camera phone. It was a Sony Erricson k530i. So I was able to take some images with 2mp camera. Then during my undergraduate time I brought another camera. It’s a Sony w570 Compact camera. With the past experience with a mobile camera, I had the skill to frame something. Then with compact camera I started to take several shots and upload it to internet. I think it was my turning point. Then I started to learn photography by myself. I brought my first DSLR. Nikon D90 in the beginning of 2014 I and it was end semester of my university life. So I had to wait to play with DSLR for 6 months. Then I started to learn photography. All done by myself and with help of Facebook friends and you tube.
So far I own Nikon D90, Nikkor 18-105mm VR lens, l and Nikkor 55-300mm Lens. Step by step I entered wildlife photography and the reason might be my love for nature and wildlife. When time passes I came up with an idea in my mind to make Shots of small things. So I dig into internet and found the name called Macro Photography. I starts to learn about it and finally I was ended up with creating Cardboard roll as an extension tube. It wasn’t easy and my Advanced level physics knowledge was the only support. And again I learnt that lever mechanism of Nikon Camera apertures. Then after some time I brought manual extension tube set from ebay. First I did not know how it works but figured it out later and was able to click awesome shots. By seeing my shots on Facebook, one friend presented me with an automatic extension tube and I continued macro Photography with it.

In September, 2015 I decided to learn another level of photography. So I attended to Hegoda School of photography and started Introduction level Photography course and August, 2016 I was ended up with Diploma in photography. In that time Hegoda Sir showed me another way of photography. The Art. On that time I was gifted another lens, Nikkor 50mm 1.8G and brought Tripo 950 Speed light. Then said goodbye to Nikkor 18-105mm and 50mm to welcome to attach with extension tubes. Now here I am. Just waiting for my first macro lens.



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