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🔘 Cover Day ➖ Yaser Khalifa ➖ Baghdad / Iraq 🇮🇶

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📽 Woman ➖ Best Álbum 2016

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🔘 Biography ➖ Ruud Lauritsen ➖ Akersloot / Holland 🇳🇱


🔶 Ruud Lauritsen ➖ Akersloot / Holland 🇳🇱


My name is Ruud Lauritsen and i live in the Netherlands in a place called Akersloot. Photographing dogs is my thing and I love “shoot” them in action. Photographing dogs in action is my passion and I hope that the passion shows in my pictures.
I always loved photographing but like any other I used the easy (instant) camera. But later, when I saw so many beautiful pictures from “ the professionals” I decided to learn to make pictures like them.
I work with a Canon DX1 and prime lenses (f.2) They are perfect for the work I do. I need speed and fast focus.

Important for me is that the dog trust me, the big lens can scare them (like a big eye watching them) . So I take the time to let he dog get used to me and my camera.
And then ,…..let the dog do what he (or she) want’s to do. And that is playing, running and jumping. No pose, no assignments, I just let the dog go. An unhappy dog is never good on a picture.

I work for private dog owners and dog magazines, and visit many dog games like Frisbee and agility.

In 2014 I won the titel; Dogs Photographer Of The Year “assistant dogs” A great completion from The Kennel Club in Londen.

Its very important for me to watch other photographers to find new inspiration and ideas. Never lay back and think you are there

Tomorrow I am gone make the perfect picture.




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