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🔘 Best Album ➖ 29/03/2017



  • Bedo Csilla
  • Claudius Cazan
  • Eseker RI
  • Gustavo Heilmann
  • Natalia Arantseva
  • Roberto Reginali
  • Salvatore Di Venuto

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🔘 Cover Day ➖ Natasa Skoric ➖ Sremska Kamenica / Serbia 🇷🇸


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📽 Group Soul Photographers Highlights

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🔘Biography ➖Dominique Agius ➖ Nice / France 🇫🇷

➖Photographer and Artist➖

🔶 Dominique Agius ➖Nice / France 🇫🇷


I am a French photographer based in Nice. I started photography at a young age by curiosity. I studied fine arts where I fell in love with photography. While living many years in different countries and cultures (Belize, France, Guatemala, Mexico, Switzerland), I learnt to see the world in a different way. Capturing instants that count.
I am now a professional photographer and I have my studio in which I also give master-classes on various photography related topics. I also teach in a university and work as an independent photographer for the largest daily newspaper of the south of France.
Each year I work on a different project. 2015 was low-key nude. 2016 was body in motion and 2017 will be totally different and surprising.



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