🔘 Best Album ➖ 28/03/2017

  • Alosh Alassdi

  • Arcangelo Manoni
  • Murat Adigüzel
  • Ravi Deshmukh
  • Stefano Bertocci
  • Tore Canu
  • Venus El Rayes

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🔘 Cover Day ➖António Girlando ➖ Sicilia / Italy 🇮🇹

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📽 World of birds 2016

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🔘 Biography ➖Mohammed Merrida ➖ Tanger / Morroco 🇲🇦



🔶Mohammed Merrida ➖ Tanger / Morocco 🇲🇦


I. M’appelle mohammed Anegay I live in tanger Morocco I started photography it’s been 2 years I would love to do the landscape photography c is my type prefers I love this beautiful art and I find it very interesting in my life Every day I’m really in love with this art photography has really changed my life and give me a lot of hope now I have other vision when I go out to do photography time passes so fast That we can not imagine it is what we call a true love of photography!




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