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🔘 Biography ➖ António Oliveira ➖ Aveiro / Portugal 🇵🇹


🔶 António Oliveira➖ Ovar – Aveiro ➖ Portugal 🇵🇹


I am António Oliveira Silva, born in Ovar – Aveiro – Portugal, since my first hobby was music, but in 2010 I started with the first photos.
As I said, it’s just a hobby, I’m not trained and I’m learning from mistakes, from other people’s tips and from reading.
I know I have a lot to learn but at the moment the available time is little, I only participated in two collective exhibitions, although I am often encouraged to participate, I think I have to improve and then present more quality in my work.
I like all kinds of photography, though I’m more into the landscape.
As Imogen Cunningham said “Which of my photos is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow ”




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Soul Photographers Best Album ➖ 31/12/2016

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