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🔘 Cover Day ➖Javier Urrutia Fenoy ➖ Almeria / Spain 🇪🇸

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🔘 Biography ➖ Arcangelo Manoni ➖ Toscana / Italy 🇮🇹

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🔶 Arcangelo Manoni ➖ Toscana / Italy 🇮🇹


Born in Lido di Camaiore (LU – Italy) on 04/01/1943.
He began to photograph in 1968 with a Canon FX, later switching to Nikon using different models. Before moving to the digital bodies he used two Nikon Nikon F5 and F100, with original Nikon lenses, from 17mm to 600mm for filming of all kinds, while he used a Leica R8 for macro lens with 100 ApoMacro Elmarit. Currently he is working with digital Nikon D300, and his favorite targets are the Nikon AFS VR 105 and 300 AFS VR 2.8 and 180 Sigma APO Macro

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Archangel to “work” (photo by Norma)

From avid naturalist proposes suffered the great theme of nature. Specializing in macro prefers the interpretation to pure scientific documentation. His images have the characteristic of a very soft coloring and climbed. The search continues in the wake of the great English naturalist photographers like Stephen Dalton, leads him to the realization of a special equipment infrared rays to take pictures of insects in flight, snapping many spectacular images. He has also produced audiovisual cross-fading projecting his slides in many Italian cities.
He collaborated with the photo agencies:

Jacana Paris

Okapia Frankfurt

Superstock U.S.A.

Overseas Milan

There have been numerous reproductions of his photographs for magazine covers and encyclopedias worldwide.

Some awards received:

1974 1st Prize Macrodia Dome Florence

1978 1st Prize Macrodia Dome Florence

1978 1st Prize animals in their environment Florence

1979 1st Prize Various Subjects Cascina

1980 1st Prize “flower” City of Pescia

1985 Publication Cover Nikon Calendar

1986 1st prize Nature and Creativity Milan – Editrice Progresso Photo

1987 Gold Medal 1st Award Nikon Color / Photo / Contest

1987 2nd Prize Competition Nature Busto Arsizio

1988 1st Prize Competition Nature Busto Arsizio

1990 Publication of “Flight of the Butterfly” Calendar Nikon 1990

1993 Publication of “Bee in Flight”

Calendar Nikon 1994


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